Key Features

Access to all data on server

Server has access to all clients data and can modify them.

Synchronizing only changed fields

For minimizing transfer data Realmius synchronizing only changed fields in objects.

Simple work in offline mode

If connection is lost, client may work local. All changed data will be syncronized when connected.

Row-Level security

Realmius features Tag-based permission system, which easily allows to set up detailed Read/Create/Update rights per entry/user separately.

.NET projects support

Use Realmius to write web, desktop and mobile applications. It supports ASP.NET, Universal App Platform, Portable Class Library.

Offline file uploading

Realmius provides an API for queueing file uploading for docs/photos (also runs in offline mode!).

Supported Platforms

Desktop NET 4.6/UWP


Rubius Realmius is free for everyone without any restrictions. For commercial usage we ask for a small donation to encourage further support for the platform.



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